Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

"I'm not romantic you know" - Charlotte Lucas, Pride & Predjudice

I've always liked this quote because it fits me. I've never been one to expect roses or candy or cards on Valentine's Day. Honestly, for me, Jason doing what I ask is more romantic for me. I'm not saying that he hasn't gotten me flowers in the past but it's not something that I demand that he do. This year was a little different. For some reason (maybe my old age!), I was really wanting a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. I had mentioned it to Jason a while ago but wasn't sure if he remembered. Much to my surprise, this morning on the kitchen table there was a sweet note and a heart shaped box of chocolates!! He even remembered that See's candies is my favorite, especially their milk chocolate Bordeaux (he even got me a small heart shaped piece of just the Bordeaux! YUM!). He also included Ethan and made him a little heart pocket with a bunch of conversation hearts inside. I'm glad that Jason remembered and I told him just how very much I love him :)

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