Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm a Big Kid now!!

Today I took Ethan shopping for some new tennis shoes. His others were getting really scuffed at the toes and he had complained that were too small. Kohl's was having a really good sale (had a $10 off coupon plus a 15% off card) and I really like their stuff, so off we went! I think I "officially" became the mom of a kid. How did I realize this? Well, everything I showed him, he didn't like and of course, what he wanted, I didn't like! Yeah, it made me flash back to when I was a kid and couldn't understand why my mom always picked the ugly clothes! LOL :) Ethan is going through a growth spurt and is now in a size 11. Unfortunately, at Kohl's, their toddler sizes end at 10 so he has moved up into a different department (along with the higher prices!). We had our first bicker over shoes; Ethan wanted the "light up" shoes that were $50 (!) and I was like "No way!". Heck, even I don't pay that much for MY shoes ;) We were able to compromise on a pair that we both liked and was in my price range. I told him that he could ask for light up shoes for his birthday (especially since he will be needing back to school clothes then). Ethan looked so cute in his new shoes and as we walked out of the store, he told me that he was a big kid now :) Well, as if buying new "big boy" shoes wasn't enough, as we got towards home, I had Ethan jump out to get the mail. When he came back to the car, I noticed there was blood on his chin. I asked him what happened and as he opened his mouth to talk, I noticed HIS BOTTOM TOOTH WAS MISSING!!!!!!!!! I had been noticing over the last week or so that one of his bottom teeth was sort of crooked and pulling away from his other teeth but I hadn't suspected it was coming loose. Ethan gave me his tooth and then proceeded to say "Yeah, now I get money from the Tooth Fairy!". I wonder who told him that! :0

Ethan with his new shoes and his missing tooth

Close up on his new shoes

Yeah, there's a tooth missing!

Ethan with his tooth in a bag for the Tooth Fairy

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  1. So cute and the story too. Love you guys.