Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday in the park....

Now that Jason is deep in the middle of busy season, he is working a lot. Of course, with his early mornings and late nights (including all day on Saturday), Ethan doesn't get to see his daddy very much. We decided it would be fun to have lunch with Jason today to get out of the house. He wanted to go to Liberty park near downtown SLC for lunch and to feed the ducks but when we got there, we saw that the large pond was drained because of the oil that had leaked into it. We were sort of disappointed especially since Ethan and I had made a big bag of popcorn to feed the ducks. Not all was lost though when Ethan spotted a rather large playground that he wanted to explore. Ethan really enjoyed himself on the swings, the slide and just being able to run around. Even Jason let his inner child come out and got on the swings with Ethan!
Ethan and Daddy at the park

Ethan enjoying the swings

"Here let me get closer"

I always knew he was 10yr old boy in an adult's body!

Coming down the slide

Sad because he doesn't want to leave

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